Part 1: Things we have learned over the last few days: 

  1. Restart your Mac each morning when you get to school: This is critical.  When you leave the building network, and connect at home, PCClient errors out because it cannot talk to the Papercut Server.  It does not automatically reconnect when you return to school. Restarting your device causes PCClient to restart and reconnect to the Papercut Server. When running you will see the PCClient icon on the top bar of your mac, near the date and time. PCClient can also be opened from your Dock. 

  1. If you do not see the following message after printing, PCClient is likely not running.  


  1. Teachers Pay Teachers is the enemy:  Many of their files download with atrocious file names.  These take FOREVER to process in the print server.  (Example from today: ACFrOgCV1z2KvCoup5UydE_hHtCd6uP5oHgQ6wb...M4qx171JVQWTfJfQYn0EvUq8I8sWXAiUgeQJ9z=)  Please, if you download a file like this, right click on it and rename it something short. 

Part 2: We are currently encountering a problem with communication between the Toshiba printer driver and the New M1 Macbook Processors.  

The problem has been escalated to Toshiba support so that they can update their driver. 

The problem presents itself with the following error when releasing a print job. Not all print jobs are affected. 

Select print jobs are producing a printout with an Error for “invalidfont”  (see below)

If this occurs, please try to print the offending document using the  following procedure: 

Download the document as a PDF.  

Right click on the document and select Open With > Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

It is ok to set Adobe as the default application if you get this message.

Then Click print from the Adobe software.  

We will provide an update when we have more information from Toshiba. In the meantime, we will continue to look for a shorter workaround for this problem. I appreciate your patience.